Springfield Farm Business Park, Harrogate

The extension of Springfield Farm business park is a fantastic opportunity to sensitively expand the already established business and ensure its future success and ongoing contribution to Harrogate by extending it with three additional buildings and an extended car park. The business is on the site of a former egg processing business.

The site’s location is within the AONB, at the edge of Harrogate and in close proximity to open countryside. The site will be surrounded by a landscape buffer. The existing mature trees and hedges are retained and added to to create a landscape buffer to the boundaries.

The development comprises of three new buildings, an extended car park and turning area for large HGV’s. The buildings are arranged to concentrate development within the existing developed and consented areas where possible. They are also positioned to be accessible and facilitate space for parking and landscaping. Arranging the units inwardly of the site, will help contain noise breakout as servicing and loading will all occur away from the site boundaries.

The site is arranged sensitively to minimise the visual impact. The larger units will remain within the middle of the site, with the new buildings at the perimeter, which will be screened with the retained hedgerows and additional planting

The park has been designed to be a healthier, more positive environment for businesses looking for a post-pandemic solution to working life.

The business units are designed to meet BREEAM Very Good standard and will have low energy and low water usage fittings throughout. The buildings will follow a fabric first approach, have high levels of insulation and will be constructed from locally sourced materials in order to minimise the overall carbon footprint of the development.

The buildings have large areas of glazing with opening windows for natural ventilation rather than conditioned space and are designed to the highest standards using locally sourced materials including stone, metal and timber cladding.

All three buildings have a reclaimed stone base and use ribbed dark timber cladding to provide warmth to an upper floor element. The building is a fusion of industrial and office aesthetic. A simple bold idea, with a form generated from the geometry of the site, that gives the building a unique and strong identity.

The offices are light and spacious, naturally ventilated, with super fast fibre, energy efficient lighting and some really great views.

The units will be highly screened by existing and proposed woodland planting along with boundaries. The use of darker cladding will work with the green screening to deliver a respectful appearance in the countryside setting.