Rossett Green Lane, Harrogate

nj-ARCHITECTS were appointed to redesign two of three dwellings planned for the site.

The project raises awareness about a diminishing natural landscape and its finite resources by creating a balance between redesigning the consented proposal and securing consent for an additional fourth dwelling, whilst improving design quality and delivering a more effective use of land within the defined development limits of the town.

The proposed new house designs touch on architecture as site‐specific installation and as a positive addition to the character of the area. Directly referencing the architecture and urban forms that surround them whilst complimenting the rural aspect.

A flexible and contemporary interior is wrapped in a contextually sensitive stone, glass, render and timber skin. The proportions and material palette influenced by the language of the surrounding area. Against the robust solidity of the stonework and render, lightness is introduced through expansive windows which extend down to the floor to bring natural light deep into the rooms. Gritstone has been chosen to harmonise with the bronze window frames, with timber louvers/fins to the bays to add warmth and natural tones and contrast with the dark zinc panelling.

Completion 2018