Nine Houses, Leeds Road, Liversedge, West Yorkshire

This brownfield site on Leeds Road, Liversedge was previously used for light industrial and storage. Pre-application discussions established that a relatively dense residential development was appropriate for the site the only commercial way to unlock its potential. The proposed scheme involves the erection of a series of 2 storey new buildings and the renovation of the existing terrace and the conversion of a garage building to provide an additional family house. The proposal is envisaged as a ‘mews type’ development where separation distances are determined by the character of the place. This creates a quality living environment with an active yet private street scene and with the benefit of increased surveillance.

Density is a product of design and the evolution of the proposal has sought to establish through careful consideration a development that is sensitive to the surrounding context. The proposed character of the scheme is intentionally discreet and the massing consistent with the existing built forms on and adjacent to the site. Scale has been limited to two storeys to be visually contextual and the gateway houses positioned to maintain a significant tree belt. As a result, in the context of other nearby buildings the development sits comfortably, providing an attractive point of interest and will help to articulate the space which it occupies.

The topography of this site rendered a traditional flat solution to the development inappropriate and required a more complex section to resolve the levels. The new build terrace responds to its existing neighbour in detail and form with each dwelling defined by party walls and an individual roof.

Completed 2014