New house, Silsden, West Yorkshire.

nj-ARCHITECTS are appointed to deliver a high quality residence on this site on the northern edge of Silsden. The client has a
sincere interest in delivering a development of high quality design. This prerequisite offers the opportunity to create a contemporary house, with architecture that responds to place and learns from the buildings that have evolved nearby, part of the site is within the Greenbelt

The site has a sense of openness and elevation as the land falls away to the west to Silsden Beck. To the west the site feels flat and suburban. To the north the site is open to the fields behind, which rise gently towards the open moorland. Significant distant views from the site are possible from north west to south west.

The proposal is designed to embody and re-interpret the traditional vernacular style of the locality and to ensure a harmonious relationship with the landscape and neighbouring dwellings, a forward-looking family home that whilst being respectful of the unique location is of high architectural merit and fulfils the desires, aspirations and lifestyle of the client. The residence is a responsive configuration of skilfully contained views and of natural light, combined with fluid spaces.

To ensure successful integration into the surrounding landscape and streetscape, nj-ARCHITECTS have employed techniques utilised in traditional Yorkshire vernacular farmsteads. The proposed dwelling makes effective use of stone and timber clad walls, metal roofing, mature broadleaf trees, hedges and natural contours for absorption into the surroundings.

The use of recycled natural Yorkshire stone for the ground floor, not only demonstrates economic and environmental sustainability but also serves to anchor the building in its context. The thermal mass provided through the stone will be utilised to store and release heat energy as part of the passive environmental strategy. The first floor is clad in dark timber, reflecting the rural buildings of the area.