New House, Askham, Newark

This project involves the proposed construction of a single house, as a direct replacement for the current unoccupied and tired bungalow and out buildings, within the village of Askham This project is for an individual high quality contemporary contextual house, with integrated and separate garaging and generous private amenity space.

The design creates a house that is modern, sophisticated and robust, evoking an aesthetic that will sit comfortably within the edge of village and countryside setting.

Minimal but not austere or aggressive, finely detailed and full of texture is the hallmark of the design. The house references key elements of local architecture – materials, form and detail references such as the simple gable ended form, recessed entrance ways, the stepping back of massing, the relationship of single and two storey elements, forming strong familiar silhouettes in the streetscape.

The elements of the design are synthesised into a clear vision of the house that respect the neighbouring buildings, its setting and the space it occupies within the village. The use of locally sourced materials that reflect their location, creating a pleasing sense of cohesion and unity.

In plan, the house has a fluid way of transitioning between spaces. The spaces are linked and organised by a horizontal spine, which at first floor is a dramatic glass walled gallery.

The ground floor of the house contains a sequence of connected living and guest spaces. The ground floor contains a spectacular double height rear kitchen, dining and living space, visually connected up to the gallery space, opening onto a large private terrace and garden. The terrace is protected from the prevailing wind and also ensures privacy.

The lower ground floor contains the entrance hall, gym, plant rooms and garaging. The principal bedroom and a further guest suite is located on the upper floor with fabulous views to the front and rear. The principal bedroom enjoys a high sloping ceiling and a clerestory to the front which provides dramatic light into the room and views out to the countryside beyond.